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IRC Dalnet now has an AA Recovery chat channel..Men and women come and share their Experience, Strength, and Hope with each other in hopes of helping each other stay sober one day at a time.

Recovery is a process of uncovering the causes and conditions for an alcoholic's drinking, and then taking action to learn the tools necessary to improve ourselves..The 12 Steps of AA are those tools that we apply to our lives in order to learn to live each day without the need for alcohol..

If you are a member of AA, are wondering if you have a problem with alcohol, want to know how to get through a day without alcohol, or need to find out more about the AA program, visit our channel on IRC's Dalnet #AA*Recovery_First...What we can't do alone, We CAN do together..

Scheduled meetings are held regularly..We hope to see you there!

If you don't have mIRC and need to download software for our site, go to the following link...

Or, if you have a java-enabled browser, you can follow this link and chat now!


"How It Works"
Online Meetings

Also, to invite you to have some fun, use the calculator below to calculate how many 24 hours you've been sober...

This is a JavaScript calculator that takes your date of sobriety and converts it into the number of days and years. Since it is common for Newcomers to count the day they get sober as "1", this calculator does too. So Jan 1,1997 to Jan 1,1998 will come out 366 days.
Also, Today's Date is according to your computer's clock.

Today's Date:
Enter your Sobriety Date "mm/dd/yy":
Days of Sobriety:
Calculation includes
Sobriety Date
Years of Sobriety:

This site in no way is affiliated with AAWS or AA as a whole.

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